How Can I Control Small Expenses?

Thankfully I have not ran into the problem of being chronically short of cash. I think that when I get older and am able to drive those fast food restaurants will probably be my biggest weakness; apps and music aren’t a big thing for me really. A good way in my opinion to control small spending would be to make a plan like this. I’m going to put aside so much money a week for fast food and every week take a small percentage out from that amount. So slowly it is an ample amount rather than a large some of your paycheck. Another method would be taking a sandwich or snack along with you in the car, so when your tempted while going past a fast food restaurant you can have your sandwich that you made healthier and you saved money. As for apps and music, a good way to reduce spending on those is reducing the time you use them.

You could try getting involved in sports or take out those dusty board games to play with your friends. Getting a job requires a lot of time. Speaking for most jobs you’re not allowed to use your device on the job-it would be a win, win, not only are you spending less time on your mobile, but also getting paid.

Published by Austin Anderson

I'm 14 years old, a Christian, and an entrepreneur. I like to help people and to learn to make money online, I created this blog to be the start of my followers who can also help the community!

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