Grace Agenda 2020

Grace Agenda 2020 was a wonderful God filled experience with almost no masks! It was a work of art with hundreds of Christian Men, Women, and children.

God Was There

God moves around us silently in ways we can not see or perceive every day, but He also moves in obvious ways.

For me, I was inspired in many ways about trying to take my faith to the next level of being able to defend it against others who disagree with me.

We sang Hymns every day, coming together into one voice.

What a change from what we live in right now.

As I mentioned before there was a large number of children attending, I’ve used “children”  abroad from ages 0-13.

When one of the speakers at the seminar asked how many first-timers came at least half raised their hand.

Who Was There?

If you didn’t get to go you need to sign up for next year ASAP!

Here is the link to their website

For the main conference, the speakers included: Nate Wilson, Toby Sumpter, Doug Wilson, Gordon Wilson, and Gary DeMar.

Nate Wilson is known best to his many fans as N.D. Wilson is the author’s name in his books.

The series most well known that he has written is “The 100 Hundred Cupboards” series.

Toby Sumpter is a pastor along with Doug Wilson at Christchurch in Moscow, Idaho.

He is also known by some for his blog and podcast that he co-hosts. 

If you have been looking for a great Christian podcast go check them out here

Doug Wilson is also like his son a prolific writer, he is also as I said before a pastor at Christchurch.

He was the main speaker at Grace Agenda and I will in other blog posts be going over almost all of the speaker’s speeches.

To learn more about him check out his blog at

Gordon Wilson is a creationist with the knack to explore God’s creation.

He is best known for his movie “The Riot and the Dance” if you don’t have the movie or have never seen it go and get it.

Gary DeMar had written some incredible stuff on the government and its relationship with God.

One of his most well-known books is “God and Government”.

Right now is one of the best times to read it because of what our governments are doing.

What Did They Talk About?

They talked about a few different subjects ranging from the government to how to confess our sins.

Nate Wilson as I said before is a great story writer so naturally, he named his talk “How To Read The Story You Are In”.

Toby Sumpter also did one talk which he named “How to be a Person”.

Doug Wilson spoke about “How to be Free from Bitterness”.

Gordon Wilson’s speech was named “How to Confess Your Sins”.

Gary DeMar’s was named “How to Internalize scripture”.

And latest but not least Doug Wilson wrapped up the conference with the “Manifesto of the Grace Agenda”.

What’s Coming?

We ended this conference with singing, and will probably start the next with singing!

Next spring’s conference is titled “Rachisims”.  

I hope you all try to make it next year!!!

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Grace & Peace!!!

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